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Rarity Bay is located on a scenic, 960-acre peninsula overlooking East Tennessee's Lake Tellico and the Great Smoky Mountains. French Country architecture provides a unique setting in which residents enjoy golf and waterfront living while being close to Knoxville's culture and amenities.

Monroe County Airport, 15 minutes away; Knoxville, 30 minutes away

Awards: Named a "Top 100 Best Master-Planned Community," by Where to Retire Magazine, 2003


  • 18-hole, championship golf course by DeVictor Langham 
  • Clubhouse: Full service with pro shop and dining room
  • 10-mile shoreline on Lake Tellico
  • Boating and fishing on 16,000 acre Lake Tellico with a mountain backdrop 
  • Walking trails 
  • Tennis & Swim Center 
  • Equestrian Center 

Real Estate

  • Homesites prices range from $100,000 to $1 million+
  • Exclusive Bay Pointe waterfront sites range from $185,000 to $1.5 million
  • Custom-designed Chateau Homes range from $305,000 (exclusive of homesite)
  • Click here to find the perfect home in Rarity Bay. - Featuring Estates & Homes on Lake Tellico in beautiful East Tennessee.

Peninsula Paradise

East Tennessee and the Lake Tellico area has long been known for its beautiful setting on the green, rolling foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The mountains can be seen is the distance, creating a rugged backdrop that can be seen from any location, whether it is from the deck of sailboat or from your stance in a tee box on the golf course. It is here that the Rarity Bay residential community has been created for people looking for the best of the golf and waterfront lifestyle.

Rarity Bay sits on a 960-acre peninsula surrounded on three sides by Lake Tellico. Ten miles of natural shoreline provide an ultimate waterfront living and recreational experience that is available to every homeowner.

Well-maintained golf fairways interweave with a natural landscape of hardwood forests and open spaces. The peninsula is a haven for small wildlife, indigenous, and migratory birds, such as blue herons, falcons, mallards, Canadian geese, and even occasional American bald eagles.

Residents take in Rarity Bay's quiet beauty from their homes, the golf course, picnic areas, and parks. Careful consideration has been given to the landscaped areas of the community. Only trees and shrubs appropriate for the environment are planted and they must honor the visual integrity of the land.

The community of Rarity Bay is the result of the partnership between the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the Tellico Reservoir Development Agency (TRDA), and Tellico Lake Properties L.P., the developer of Rarity Bay. This trio entered into an agreement in 1994 with a common vision for responsible master planning and residential development. 

The group also pledged to provide minimal disturbance to the lake, stream and riverbank, place buffers between developed areas and the shorefront, and to preserve an environment in which each homeowner will live in a mutually beneficial balance with nature. 

Tellico Lake Properties L.P. is the corporate developer of Rarity Bay on Lake Tellico. It is owned and managed by Michael Ross, who developed the design concept for Rarity Bay's waterfront golf residential living. Ross' family has called Knoxville and Maryville home for six generations and has been involved in the development and construction of quality commercial and residential communities for many years. 

Ross's vision of marrying the upscale country elegance of French Country design with a scenic locale enhanced by environmental policies has created an exemplary country club community that is attracting families from around the country.

French Country Style 
France has been an arbiter of good taste for centuries and the homes of Provence, France, are renowned for their style and country charm. The homes at Rarity Bay incorporate specific design elements of French Country architecture to create an ambiance of casual country elegance, while maintaining their American character.

A French Country home is an impressive, distinctive residence combined with natural charm. The selection of natural exterior building materials, such as stone, brick, stucco, or wood create a sense of a close association with the land. And warm off-white and soft earth tone colors are used with muted accents to create an inviting and relaxing home environment. The Rarity Bay interior design staff can help you select such interior accents as floor coverings, wall colors, moldings, and accessories.

In addition, each homesite at Rarity Bay is subject to landscape design criteria, so that a cohesive look is maintained while still expressing the taste and personality of the property owner. The Rarity Bay Design Review Board has guidelines for the homeowner to achieve the design features that make one's home charmingly unique, and ensure that the home honors the community's comprehensive French Country look of casual elegance.

Casual country club living at Rarity Bay means a round of golf on the championship golf course, meeting friends at the clubhouse and eating in the dining room. Other activities include swimming in the pool, playing tennis, planting a garden, horseback riding, walking or cruising on Lake Tellico.

Real Estate Opportunities
The homes of this waterfront and golf community are reminiscent of the casual elegance of Provence, France. At Rarity Bay, the French Country architecture's distinctive design elements blend with the natural beauty of the landscape.

Rarity Bay offers several living options varying in location, size, and price: Mont Claire Homes, Bay View Villas, Renaissance Condominiums, Parc Vue Homes and the Reserve Collection. In addition, homesite owners may design their own custom Estate Home within the guidelines of the Rarity Bay Design Review Board. 

Each style of home is graciously endowed with country charm through its use of French Country architectural design. Careful consideration has also been given to landscaping, so that each home can take full advantage of the unique beauty of this Tennessee peninsula in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Homeowners can either custom-design their own home within the guidelines of the Rarity Bay architectural master plan, or complete the interior finishing of a Mont Claire Village Home, a Bay View Villa, a Parc Place Village Home, a Mont Vue Village Home or a Condominium in Renaissance Village. 

Homeowners can select from a variety of homesites with mountain, water and or golf course views. All sites have been prepared for the accessibility and beauty with all the nearby conveniences offered by the country club amenities. 

All final architectural plans must be approved by the Rarity Bay Design Review Board and meet all regulations, restrictions and covenants set out by the Rarity Bay Property Owners Association.

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